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Audio Recordings 400 audio recordings centre on the lives of residents of the region, and contain a wealth of historical information based on personal experiences [interviews]. Also a small holdings of broadcast and popular music recordings.

Films, Negatives, Photographs, Slides and Videos over 250,000 still and moving images are in our holdings! These images record almost every aspect of the history of Lethbridge and southwestern Alberta since photography was introduced here. Collections of note include

  • The Lethbridge Herald
  • de Jourdan Studio
  • Terry Bland Photography
  • a portion of the work of A.E. Cross Studio

Government and Government Agency Records historical records of the City of Lethbridge are maintained at the Archives. At present, these include

  • early tax rolls
  • City Council minutes
  • Fire and Police Department records
  • cemetery records
  • early records of the City Manager

The early records of the Town of Magrath, and of the Oldman River Regional Planning Commission are also maintained here.

The City of Lethbridge maintains a records centre under the direction of a Records Manager. Inquiries regarding municipal records can be directed there: 403.320-7383

Maps and Technical Drawings

  • topographical sheets
  • architectural drawings of commercial and public buildings
  • fire insurance maps for Lethbridge
  • land ownership maps
  • technical drawings dealing with aspects of urban and rural planning and delivery of services

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