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The Galt Museum & Archives has been collecting artifacts for over 50 years. In that time, some 20,000 human history objects have been collected, each with its own compelling story.

This public, tangible and intellectual resource is an important means by which we can illuminate the culture and history of Lethbridge and southwestern Alberta, providing residents and visitors with "a sense of place".

Distinct facets of southwestern Alberta’s history are all represented to varying degrees in the collection, including:

  • the indigenous population
  • ethnic diversity
  • industry
  • agriculture
  • art and culture

This resource exists for the enjoyment and education of the public. We invite you to search our holdings. Should you wish to see or acquire additional information about an artifact, please contact us.


Historical information related to artifacts in this database is changing on an ongoing basis – sometimes dramatically – as new information becomes available. It is possible that some information recorded is incorrect. If you have information to share about one of the objects or corrections to recommend, please contact the Galt's Collections Department – we would be happy to hear from you.

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