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Library contains 1000+ books and other publications including primary sources:

  • school textbooks
  • technical manuals
  • medical texts
  • reports by early explorers and travelers such as Palliser, G.M. Dawson and John Macoun

and secondary sources:

  • community histories
  • topical histories [i.e. irrigation, Native people, the Mounted Police and coal mining]
  • numerous other secondary source

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Search Tips

Within search boxes:

  • Search terms are automatically joined by AND
    (e.g. information research finds information AND research)
  • Use / for OR
    (e.g. art / design)
  • Use ! for NOT
    (e.g. design ! software)
  • Use " " to search for a phrase
    (e.g. "press releases")
  • Truncation is automatic
    (e.g. system finds
    systematic, etc.)

Special characters:

  • Use >, <, >=, <= for greater or less than
    (e.g. >= 1999 finds dates from 1999 onwards)
  • Use : to search a range
    (e.g. 1999:2003, example:sample)
  • Use the proximity operators w (within) and p (preceding) to find words near each other
    (e.g. arts p3 culture finds records with 'arts' up to 3 words before 'culture')
    (e.g. social w5 design finds records with these words within 5 words of each other)

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